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Every buyer intends to buy any commodity for the least possible price. As Nero is providing a special discount, it is a great opportunity for you to buy any of the Nero products at a discounted price. To redeem this discount at “”, please choose your desired product and click on the Nero Video coupon code to redeem the discount automatically.

Quick Nero Video Review

What is Nero Video?

Nero Video 2018 discountNero Video is a highly advanced video-editing tool that allows users to edit movies and burn media files onto discs. It comes with a media player, a powerful video editor, burning tools and a library to manage multimedia files easily. It has an user-friendly interface that provides all the essential tools for video-editing professionals and enables novice users to learn video-editing fundamentals easily. The software makes management of multimedia files exceptionally simple, as it allows importing files from hard drive or any external source to the library and editing and burning them to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray within minutes.

Is Nero Video Worth Buying?

As Nero has improved this video-editing software massively, it is certainly worth buying. The interface is different from previous versions and is exceedingly easy to use, hence it allows efficient video-editing. With dozens of transitions and effects to create or edit videos, this software is second to none. It supports most video formats and provides exceptional themes, stabilizers and effect packages to edit even Ultra HD (4K) videos. The converting and burning capability is even faster than before and importing video files over the air from various devices make Nero Video ideal for professionals.

New Features of Nero Video

Nero Video comes with following outstanding features:

  • High-end Video editing tools – these tools allow easy access to latest projects and guides. 4K HD video-editing is now possible with integrated Video Stabilizers, new font styles, motion picture, text effect, template and text handling features.
  • Playing and streaming video files on any device – the latest auto trans-coding technology allows users to stream video files to multimedia devices. The MediaHome Receiver app allows playing of 4K videos and streaming to Android or iOS devices.
  • Geotagging feature and Nero Cloud – management and tagging videos and photos by locations is now possible through Geotagging. Nero Cloud offers instant access to media files and enables adding of files in library promptly.
  • Wide range of Content & Templates – with hundreds of video effects and transitions, users can make outstanding videos and edit photos to provide an artistic look.

How Does Nero Video Work?

Nero Video includes a patented MediaHome and interface, which needs to be activated first for future use. User can easily import media files from various devices and add transitions & effects to the video or photo as required. Various options like, Film effects, Blockbuster effect, light and color adjustments, text and clip art, trimmer, Chrome key are available on the interface, which make video-editing a piece of cake.

Overall, Nero Video is an immaculate video-editing software that allows users to create and edit 4K videos on the go. It includes a wide variety of video effects, disc burning tools, stabilizers and content to choose from, so that user can create movies, edit photos and media files easily. It also offers Nero mobile apps to share media files from any Android and iOS device.

How to Buy Nero Video?

Nero Video is available for a price of $49.99. Currently, it comes with a special discount; in order to avail this discount, use the Nero Video discount code below and have this latest software.

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Save $20 on Nero Video 2019.

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